Maud Earl, Oil on Canvas ‘A Black Setter’


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Maud Earl
Born: London, UK 1864 – Died: New York, USA 1943

A Black Setter
Oil on Canvas
Canvas: 60 x 46 cm
Frame: 72 x 58 cm

Born in London in 1864, Maud Earl studied at the Royal Female School of Art, London before emigrating to New York in 1916 after the First World War, passing away there in 1943. She came from a family of animal portraitists and was first taught to paint and draw by her father, George. She is renowned for her accuracy in representing dog breeds, but also for her incorporation of warmth and liveliness into her precision. This richly toned, sketchy-edged setter portrait is an embodiment of this engaging tendency. Earl’s works are housed the collections of, among others, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, the Worthington Museum and Art Gallery, and the Russel-Coates Art Gallery and Museum in the UK.