Victorian Crazy Tumbling Blocks Quilt


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Stunning Victorian Crazy Tumbling Blocks Quilt C1880

Late Victorian silk and velvet quilt .
This really has the “WOW!” factor and is dazzling not only for its jewel like quality but also for the skill and artistic flair displayed . The condition is excellent compared to a lot of quilts of this type with only 4 patches that I can see where the silk has shattered a little . 
The quilt despite being  well over 100 years old is still as vibrant as it was when first made.

Backed in stunning pink silk with superb ruching and embroidery on the front in each corner. The unique shape and size suggest this textile was displayed decoratively, probably in a parlour. Originally these type of quilts were made to display ones needlework skills and often were used as a lap cover or draped on a piano or table. 
The maker although unknown was obviously highly skilled and I particularly love the little embroidered butterfly.
Adorned with roses and daisies using skilled ribbon work  and bright eye catching coloured patches. 

Whatever its original purpose, this little treasure remains in remarkably good condition. 
This would make a very striking wall hanging ! 
A true work of art and worthy of any collection .

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155cm x 155cm

61″ x 61″