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Falling Water Helen Booth Oil on Canvas



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Falling Water Oil on Canvas by artist Helen Booth, 2019.

Helen Booth’s painting is a response to her first trip to Iceland in 2019. The monochromatic palette and the monumental power of the landscape inspired a series of paintings which led to her residency in Hafnarborg near Reykjavik on the South coast in 2020.

This painting Falling Water captures her emotional response to the waterfalls in Skogafoss. She talks of never having seen anything quite so spectacular before. The falling water series highlights her fascination with gravity and how the act of falling water is cyclical. It is the sheer power of the falling water, from Ice, to Liquid to Gas that is experienced when you stand underneath the falls that inspired the work. She equates the falling water to a life being lived. The dots in the work are also poignant because they suggest a beginning – like the smallest of seeds right through to the end like a full stop in a sentence. 

The work strives to capture the power and beauty of nature.

In 2019, Helen Booth was awarded a Pollock Krasner Award in New York for her painting. She also received one of the twelve Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Bursaries for her Abstract works.


115cm X 115cm