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Victorian Crazy Quilt



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Amazing Victorian Crazy quilt. Superb example of this type of quilt, intended to showcase needlework and embroidery skills. Probably made as a lap quilt or table cover. Dates 1883 and 1884 featured in embroidery. Features fine silks and velvets of rich and vibrant colours, and displays a spectacular array of embroidery patterns including two beautifully embellished butterflies. As traditional, features a wonderful fan pattern at the centre of the patchwork. Visually exquisite with a countless variety of embroidery stitches and fabrics, and a beautiful silk binding. Some shattering in the silks, typical of silks from this era. One slight stain which in no way detracts from the overall effect. In excellent condition overall for a quilt of this type. Very delicate, and a great display piece. Approx. 49 x 58 inches/ 124 x 147 cm.