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Unique Early Victorian Stars Collectors’ Quilt



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Very unusual early Victorian Stars antique patchwork quilt. Collector’s item. Label on reverse reads “Howgarth.” Possibly made my Mrs Howgarth of Northumberland who made exceptional quilts during the Victorian era. Fabulous array of mostly Victorian fabrics. Some earlier Georgian including the pear-print. Pink paisley border and different coloured stars in each corner. Mostly reds and blues in the centre with an elaborate and gorgeous arrangement of fabrics, drawn together with accents of red throughout. All hand pieced and hand quilted. Some very faint surface wear. Consistent with fabrics of this era, there is some deterioration visible in a few black and brown patches in the centre of the quilt (see penultimate image). Such deterioration was caused by iron in some contemporary dyes. This in no way detracts from the overall quality and appeal of this quilt, and in fact enhances a sense of its authenticity. Approx. 82 ½ x 96 inches/ 229 x 242 cm.