Rathbornes 1488 Dublin Dusk Classic Candle


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Rathbornes 1488 Dublin Dusk Classic Two Wick Candle. Smoked Oud & Ozone Accords Scent.

The sophisticated smoky glass and the black wax may look stark, but they perfectly exemplify what this scent is: Dark. This is a scent for the night, the essence of the tumultuous rivers and rain. The turbulent ocean waves crash against the rocky shores of the Irish coast, ozone and earth mingling to create an unforgettable scent.

Rich ozonic accords from the Irish coast with a crisp freshness of aromatic woods, smoked oud and aged cedar. The dark spicy tones of ginger, pepper and anise reveal a base of sweet notes, patchouli and soft musk.

There are many fragrances that try to capture the spirit of water. Most others may remind you of a relaxing seaside holiday, or perhaps a peaceful, blooming stream. Dublin Dusk is different. It distinguishes itself by capturing the power of falls and currents, the scent of tempestuous waters crashing against rocky banks. It will remind you of the refreshing spray of mist, and the earthy aroma of a riverbank after a storm.

With two evenly distributed wicks to ensure the best possible burn, this candle has been hand poured in Dublin using traditional methods. Our special beeswax blend is fragranced with premium essential oils for an unforgettable scent experience. We craft our luxury scents to complement the home and indulge the senses, making them the perfect accompaniment to modern living. Made with techniques refined over six centuries, every aspect of this candle is given a touch of luxury.

Details: 190g, two wick candle. Burns for up to 40 hours.