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Early 20th Century Floral Durham/North Country Quilt



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English c. 1910 -1920 Durham/ North Country quilt. Hand stitched and hand quilted intricately and skilfully. Sprigged floral fabrics in soft, muted coordinating colours on one side, and plain buttercream on the reverse. Beautiful soft cotton sateen. Never used, in excellent condition for its age. There is a slight unevenness in colour on the reverse side of this quilt however the floral side is even. There is a very small area of slight wear on the edge of the quilt but in no way detracts from the quilt it is worthy of any collection (see pictures). Approx. 235 x 242 cm/ 79 x 91 ½ inches.
Please note the first picture has sunlight shining through the back of the quilt when displayed normally this will not be visable.