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Antique Suzani



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Decorative, hand embroidered antique Suzani.
Beautifully embroidered and hand crafted in Uzbekistan.
Each panel is intricately hand embroidered in Uzbekistan using silk thread on a cotton background cloth.
Suitable as a bedspread, throw, tablecloth, upholstery (ottoman,chair and such like)or wall hanging.
Traditionally made for a girls wedding as part of her dowry.
These Suzanis are old not new and may show some signs of a little age.
Generally in very good condition. There is a small area with a few marks as shown in a picture Next to a tea spoon. I don’t feel this detracts from the overall appearance of this decorative textile.
Gorgeous colours in this one,rusts,greys and blues.
Size 214 cm x 145 cm
83.75” x 57”