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Antique C 1900 Half Square Triangle /Flying Geese Quilt



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Antique early 1900,s Half Square Triangle / Flying Geese Quilt .

This early quilt displays a fantastic variety of fabrics all hand stitched and hand quilted .

The quilt is truly a sea of colours and patterns. It has a jewel like quality with wonderful pops of vibrant colours making this a very eye catching quilt indeed.

Reds, oranges and yellows really stand out.  
Visually impressive due to the sheer variety of rich colours and patterns of hundreds of antique fabrics. 
The quilt is bordered with a bright red floral pattern measuring 1/4 “.

The back of the quilt is one material simple and neutral , with a muted beige and soft green. It dates earlier than 1900. 
Overall the quilt is in good condition. There is slight wear on a number of small triangles mostly those which have been black or brown and typical of those particular dyes used in that era and therefore authentic.
We counted 14 worn or missing out of 2100 triangles ! These could be restored easily If you so desired and really you have to look hard to  find them. There are a few popped seams .  On one small section of the border the material has frayed slightly.
There is slight tanning on the bottom of the quilt which isn’t very noticeable . See photos ! 
Overall this is a visually stunning quilt which really has the “Wow” factor.

These slight flaws do not detract from the overall striking appearance of this eye catching quilt. 

186 cm x 212 cm 

73” x  83.5 “