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An Irish 19th Century Case of Three Brown Trout



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Stunning display of three Brown Trout caught on Lough Erne and The River Erne in the year 1898. The larger of the fish was caught on the River Erne on the 13th June 1898 by Mr E A Ralli and Weight 9lbs 4ozs and the remaining two were caught on Lough Erne on the 4th and 16th June 1898 again by Mr Ralli Weights 5lbs 8ozs & 5lbs 2ozs. Fish mounted by Coppers & Son of London (the leading contemporary Taxidermist Company and who’s Cased Fish are collected globally). No trade label present, but the vegetation and mount would confirm this attribution. Fish mounted in a natural setting with reeds and gravel and a blue wash background typical of the period. Front glass edged with gold leaf. In first class condition. Attached to the reverse is a copy of the original catch entry in the Fishing Gazette dating 1898. Case Dimensions: 51 x 21 x 9 inches.